Wayne Linton began asking the big questions before his teenage years. His life has been a search for a deeper truth about human consciousness — encompassing healing, personal empowerment, growth and awakening. Along the journey he has:

  • Played at the highest level in Australian Rules Football League for 5 years (Fitzroy which later became Brisbane Lions)
  • Taught for 27 years, the last 11 of those in the field of Psychology
  • Studied Science at Melbourne University (BSc), Diploma of Hypnotherapy, Diploma of Psychotherapy, Kinesiology Practitioner, Reiki Master, Pranic Healing and Karuna Reiki in India, Chiron, Ki Force and Seership with English Seer Edmond Harold, and trained in Qi Gong for 19 years with a Chinese Master. Wayne is now a Qi Gong Master and regularly trains students. Wayne was also trained with a psychic surgeon/healer in the Philipines.
  • Operated personal appointments from private rooms at Colac Hospital and now in private consultation rooms in Bellbrae, 15 mins from Geelong
  • Assisted those seeking awakening/inner development/personal empowerment/physical-emotional-mental-spiritual wellbeing through one-on-one sessions and many workshops/courses such as meditation evenings, “Wellness” Retreats in Victoria and Chang Mai, Thailand, Reiki to and including Master Level, Chakra Balancing 8 month course, Past Life and many more
  • Learnt so much from four wonderful children….. Ben, Bianca, James and Elija. They all continue to be a source of learning and inspiration
  • In 2011 founded the College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy, and is currently its director and head facilitator
  • Along with partner Sally, founded the Sally Louise Yoga Studio in Torquay.