What is Ego, Soul and Spirit?

Wayne has compiled a model that incorporates all the different levels of conciousness, our seven different bodies, our seven chakras, the role of angels at each level and the seven rays of the divine.

A workshop that explores our human journey, from the bigger picture down to the finer aspects. We will deepen our understanding of:

  • The personalities patterns, restrictions, limitations, manipulations, non-love and negativity
  • How personality came to be (because of all our previous collective personality choices) and that we are SO MUCH MORE
  • Having direct experiences of Higher Self POWER, rather than just read about it
  • How to transcend what we have found out about our little self
  • Moving towards the POWER of the Higher Self
  • Having direct experiences of our unique ESSENCE
  • How vastly different that level of consciousness is to our day to day ego/mass consciousness experience

The ego, soul and spirit workshops gifted me a map or chart to show me the way into the depths within. Being provided a spring board into the journey to find my soul qualities. Life enhancing. Greater clarity! The map of how to see inner incongruences. How to take responsibility for those and how to make life much more positive.

These workshops show me wholeness and truth are what is the essence and they have gifted us the opportunity to understand, transform & transcend lower stuff. With the map we can and have reached courage, devotion & dedication to continue to move forwards!! A profound gift.

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