For years now, people have flown in from around Australia for Wayno’s specialised Psychotherapy. The common reason was to REALLY get past some issue/limitation/stuckness or to just become more of the potential they know they have deep inside. With the advent of easy access via FaceTime and Skype, Wayno now is a therapist to clients in Africa, America, Asia and across Europe.

Wayno specialises in the DEEPER ways of helping. If you have been told that your condition/issue is difficult to help or you REALLY would like to get to the CORE of your shadow/negative, then Wayno is there for you. Benefits to Wayno’s clients/students are usually immediate. Common occurrences are:

  • loss of old, limiting patterns or behaviours
  • replacing destructive addictions with positive, empowering differences
  • learning to respond (adult) rather than react (child)
  • being assertive/powerful rather than aggressive/forceful
  • getting to the underlying subconcious reasons for emotional/thinking problems
  • not needing the approval of others
  • a more loving, accepting, calmer approach to life and the challenges it constantly presents
  • having more energy to appreciate and enjoy the above changes

Testimonial 1

“I was recently in Cape Town to take care of my mother while my stepfather was in hospital with a life threatening blood infection. My mother was profoundly afraid of losing Bill and is terrified of her own mortality. Since childhood I have been the receptacle for my mother’s fear and the one person who could lift her out of the terrors that live behind the polished face she presents to the world. I love my mother deeply but this energetic offload has meant I always feel drained and exhausted around her. 
I knew she would be particularly fearful and energetically demanding on this visit as she was facing the possible loss of the rock in her life, my stepfather Bill. To help me navigate through this time with my mother I booked a FaceTime session with Wayno. I had been practicing daily qigong meditations to keep me grounded but after a week of trying to hold space for my mother I felt totally drained, exhausted and unwell. 
How to explain the session with Wayno? I was jangling, shaking inside and feeling totally unmoored and lost in my mother’s suffering. First Wayno brought me back to myself, slowing my breathing, quieting my nervous system and giving me a feeling of ground and quietness. Once I was calm he guided me to feel into the energetic nature of my relationship with my mother. I was able to see, for the first time, how we were caught in an energetic contract of me eating my mother’s suffering and my mother consequently never feeling she needed to face her own fears. This kept us both stuck in her suffering.
Wayno suggested it was time to end this unhealthy old energetic contract and set some loving new boundaries. He guided me how to clearly and lovingly step away when my mother tries to pass her fear to me. Wayno suggested I have a conversation with my mother about this shift in approach so she would be prepared for a change in my response to the fears she expresses. He also outlined the ways my mother might initially respond when I don’t give her the emotional succour she has been so accustomed to. 
During the FaceTime session, as we explored ways I might reframe my emotional contact with my mother, Wayno guided me to feel into the letting go, sitting with the energetic feeling of a deep lovingness without responsibility for my mother’s emotional state or attachment to any outcome. Within a few minutes I felt a physical weight lifted from my body. 
At the end of the session Wayno guided me back to a state of deep and connected quietness that I somehow knew would continue to hold me behind the noise. I spoke with my mother and her receptive-ness to a new way of being together surprised me. One month on we are both still learning; when my mother is feeling particularly afraid the entreaty is there for me to soothe her fears and take on her pain, but although it tugs on old strings, I don’t accept the package of suffering she’s trying to hand off to me. 
For me the most surprising outcome of this new way of engaging is my growing compassion for my mother. For years my love for her has been tinged with anxiety and judgement as her fears ended up in my body. This absorption of my mother’s pain meant I needed her to change so I didn’t feel dreadful after ever moment of connection. Now I have separated myself from my mother’s fears they have less power to drain me and I can allow her to be where she is, without judgement. 
This new way is an ongoing practice for us both. The old contract had been in place since my childhood and I feel it will take time to entirely shift the energetic nature of our relationship, but already I feel more spacious, light and grounded with my mother and our communication doesn’t leave me utterly wiped out. My mother is also subtly shifting as we no longer sit in her terrors and this reduces their power over her. 
What the FaceTime session with Wayno gave me was support and tools. Support in a moment I felt unable to cope and the tools to change some old and emotionally debilitating ways going forwards.
Nikki Hillier    Creative Director 

Testimonial 2

“Wayno’s gentle calming voice, compassion and years of experience lead you into the deep core of your pain/issue…it’s like no therapy I have ever experienced before. Wayno’s energy of the higher levels of consciousness somehow lead you to find the “gold”, or the answers within.” Lynne Cole CEO Surf to Coast Real Estate