What is Meditation?

The full body-mind-soul connection is explored. Life purpose, higher consciousness, karma, the souls journey, self empowerment, enlightenment and much more.

Wednesday night mediations are an opportunity to realign and become centered during the week. Initially there will be some exploration of the many aspects of “spirituality” followed by various meditation techniques designed to assist in the integrating of the teachings. The teachings arise from the flow higher Self rather than some required dogma or personality self pushing an agenda.

Many of the aspects explored in these meditation evenings are based around Dr David. R. Hawkins’ mapping of the levels of consciousness. Providing awareness and understanding of the various consciousness levels assists in the recognising and breaking down of negative patterns. In attending these evenings, the lower consciousness levels are explored. With greater awareness and understanding there is a corresponding greater possibility of not operating from these negative states of shame, guilt, grief, fear, desire, anger or pride. These nights therefore open you to the understanding of, and eventual operating from, the higher consciousness levels.

Grovedale, Geelong         Every Wednesday 6.30pm til 8.10pm Cobbin Farm Grove Rd, Grovedale. If you are travelling along the Surf Coast Highway from Geelong to Torquay, turn right into Grove Rd and drive all the way to the end into the Cobbin Farm carpark.

Torquay Every Thursday 7.30pm to 8.45 pm 30a Gilbert St Torquay

Wednesday nights are all about growth and depth. Every week you are given the opportunity to learn more about lower emotions: shame, grief, fear, anger. Then we hear about how to step into any one of the Spiritual Powers you have. You get to watch and be inspired by others’ breakthroughs. And when you have been coming along for long enough and you are ready to contribute, you get to inspire others through your own experiences and willingness to be your true self. It’s a bit like going to the gym: you get to grow those muscles you don’t get to exercise much in your day to day life. It is an an exhilarating exploration of the higher realms of Love, Joy, Peace… and there is laughter. A lot of laughter. That kind of deep belly laughter that cleanses, renews and lifts. Wayne’s Wednesday night meditation is one of those rare places where you can truly be yourself and be loved for that. No pretending, no trying hard… you can just be yourself and be accepted and cherished for that! Every night is different, and empowering like nothing else I have experienced. I have been going to Wayne’s Wednesday nights for 8 years now, and I barely ever miss one, and every week I look forward to it and the growth it brings.

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