Why Past Lives?

You are in for a real learning experience. Past life workshops have uncovered factors that have affected, or even caused, current life problems like low energy, depression, insecurity, fear, guilt, relationship struggles and many more. You don’t have to have any of these. You can uncover soul wisdom or latent abilities and talents.

I work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development. Prior experience is not required although I would encourage individuals who want to explore Past Lives with me to not have an attitude of “I will do this just for fun”. You cannot help but enjoy the experience but we will always operate in an atmosphere of honor and respect for the information we will be presented with. This is a day where so the ego can take a back seat and we can celebrate our spirit/soul.

You can uncover soul wisdom or latent abilities and talents. Enter a deep state of relaxation, an altered state of consciousness that enables you to access sub-conscious memories that are normally held in a part of the mind that are not accessible to the conscious, thinking, rational mind.

Thank-you for letting me jump out of the window and escape to Utopia. I hope to visit that place many more times. The window was always there– thanks for showing me where it was.

Jenny Riddler

What do we do in a workshop?

In a small group we spend some time discussing past lives so that you understand and appreciate the information that is about to be presented to you. Then you will gain information from the human auric layers in a way that you can visually see, with the eyes open. Then you are guided to deep relaxation to an altered state of consciousness that provides the link between you and the deeper subconscious where past life information is held. Finally you are given the opportunity to participate in single or pair hypnosis where age regression returns a person to that previous time which your subconscious selects. You choose to observe or join in with this activity.

A very strong connecting experience and insight into who I was and what I am to do. It confirms a deep sense of something I have always felt but I had kept putting off with so many excuses. Very interesting and rewarding. I so much enjoyed the inner connections to who I am.

Jennie Clements

I did not expect to discover much because I had no previous experience with investigating Past Lives. I felt that good during the actual experience that I was enjoying it so much that I wanted to stay in the Past Life I was re-living. The workshop made me so much more aware of why I feel the way I do about my current day reactions, issues and relationships.

Leanne Mason
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