What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Goong) has been proven for over four thousand years to be a reliable discipline that has many benefits. A few of these are:

  • Re-creates your energy body
  • Releases old blockages
  • Develops a daily discipline and step by step progress
  • Improves ability to collect energy
  • Enhances ability to give energy
  • Greater healing energy personally and for others
  • Assists in all healing modalities
  • Improved lovemaking
  • Trains the mind to focus
  • Opens the higher chakras steadily and appropriately
  • Develops heart and third eye
  • Longevity (living much longer)

Wayne has been in training now for 13 years with a fully qualified Qi Gong Master and Wayne is now recognised by that Chinese Master to be a Qi Gong Master, able to teach those ready and willing to build a personal practice specifically designed for the student’s personal requirements.

As the director of a boutique real estate agency with a team of nine, I find practising Qi Gong is essential for my every day well- being assisting me with the ability to maintain a sense of clarity and calm in a high energy environment. Qi Gong is an integral part of my daily life. It is an energy practice that has made an incredible difference to my wellness.

How is Qi Gong taught?

There are three levels:


  • For awareness, clearing and energizing. Many people find themselves depleted of energy at times. This level gives a student the capacity to recharge much quicker than the average person and begins to restructure the energy body to balance yin/yang and improve general health and well-being.


  • Relating to the heart energy field and the capacity to assist others on their journey. The energy body develops both an increased permeability to more powerful universal energies and at the same time becomes more protective of unwanted energies. Many healers/psychologists/nurses/teachers and those in similar fields where they are constantly helping people, become overtired, even exhausted, and this level is designed to overcome that problem as well as bringing to the surface personal, latent abilities.


  • Relating to the third eye power. With a solid foundation from level 1 and 2, we develop the ability to go into the inner worlds to access information not usually available. This results in far greater intuitive abilities and the student may begin to teach level 1 students at an appropriate level of achievement at this level.

There is a step by step development.


There are 9 techniques. Two of these are moving or active Qi Gong and seven are passive or sitting Qi Gong. One-on-one sessions are generally only available for interstate and overseas students via Skype or FaceTime. Otherwise the techniques are taught to a small group. This occurs usually on the first Saturday of each month.

2018 dates

Each date is a workshop of 1 hr starting at 9.40am, except for April and Sept. All at Bellbrae

April 21 (10 am to 4 pm) and 22 (10 am to 12 noon). This is Self Healing.  May 12, June 2, July 7, Aug 4, Sept 8 (10 am to 4 pm) and 9 (10 am to 12 noon) This is Qi Gong Dai, Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 1

Moving Techniques

The two moving techniques are usually taught in a group, and these are:

Focused Self Healing:

  • A series of gentle movements focused on opening your energy fields to release old stagnant energy and to revitalize. The Qi Gong book 100 Miracles has 100 accounts of how Focused Self Healing changed peoples’ lives!
    “This technique has ‘blown out the cobwebs’! I have gone from daily fatigue and ongoing tiredness to feeling full of energy most of the time.” – Kerrie Dixon


  • A series of very powerful movements making your own energy body more resistant to negative energies and more permanently re-energised.
    “I now have an inner power/strength that I never thought I could access. It feels incredible.” – Keren Gardiner

Passive Techniques

The seven passive techniques are:

Micro-Cosmic Orbit:

  • A sitting technique that flows energy through all major chakras. This allows hidden abilities to come to the surface and clears the central channel for greater energy flow and clarity.
    “Orbit has facilitated a greatly enhanced ability to connect with my inner worlds.” – Sue Parker

Qi Gong passive workshops in a small group:

  • The remaining six sitting techniques that greatly improves your ability to re-energise / collect energy, balance male / female energies and use the mind to self heal.

As a therapist the Qi Gong techniques have been invaluable. In fact, they have assisted me in ways no other training could have. The energy provided by regular practice opens up abilities to see beyond presenting issues to the deeper causes of problems. The affects of Qi Gong on my personal life have been profound. I’ve gone through incredible changes since committing to a regular practice. Most noticeably the dramatic increase in life energy, this energy has facilitated incredible personal growth, and abilities that I could not have imagined possible before beginning the practice. Qi Gong has changed my life in the most positive ways imaginable. Simply amazing.

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