What are Retreats?

You have a developing consciousness and this retreat is provided with the intent to assist you to expand that consciousness. Previous Thailand, Grampians and Otways experiences were all very different and unique. Each retreat with Wayne is intuitive. Fresh insights occur at each gathering.

You may not be progressing physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually in the way you would really like to. Many factors can be contributing to this, some of which are:

  • Fear
  • Not knowing how to
  • Not having someone you can trust to assist you
  • Not having the extended time to listen to your inner/higher self

In the energy space provided at the retreats, you will be presented with opportunities to:

  • Let go of old baggage of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature from Past Life and Current Life experiences
  • Get in touch with the inner/higher/spiritual part of your self that you have been evolving over many lifetimes
  • And then to return to your usual living environment and to live more fully in these energies.

There is a blend of group work and isolated, personal reflection. You are free to attend any or all of these. There are many wonderful teachers available at a higher level and group work can facilitate the consciousness that allows for these powerful connections and insight. Becoming ‘blissed out’ is a wonderful experience but is not the only aspect of living fully in spirit. You need techniques and the opportunity to inquire about your own personal experiences and their relevance to your development. No promises are given, no magical transformation is guaranteed. You will get what you are ready for and what spirit deems appropriate, not what the ego demands or desires.

Spirit has a way of helping those that are ready. If you give in to skepticism, uncertainty, negativity, money worries, too busy, lack of trust or guilt, from being ‘selfish’, then you are listening to the lower self. Higher self will continue to provide you with the deep urge to liberate your spirituality and present you with the desire to connect more with soul, or to the souls of other like-minded persons.

I have been attending retreats facilitated by Wayne for quite a few years and for me, the journey since that first retreat has been quite incredible. The self growth and nurturing that I have experienced are truly valued. The many gifts which I have received through Wayne’s guidance and sharing time with the beautiful souls who attend the retreats, leaves me feeling emotionally open and spiritually fulfilled. It doesn’t seem to matter where I am at in my life, there is always something to be gained and I walk away renewed and often surprised. I highly recommend attending a retreat or two or three, you just never know what an amazing experience may be in store for you.

What will we do?


Anytime from 4pm Fri afternoon. Ease into the spritual energies by meditation, personal time out, meeting like minded people or going for a walk.
There will be group meditations/teaching/activities every morning before breakfast, another before lunch, another after lunch, and another after evening meal. The duration and content depends on many factors—the group dynamics, higher guidance, etc. There is no pressure to join any of the sessions. You are totally free to join in or have special time out for yourself. Group Healing may occur. A period of extended silence that incorporates spiritual creativity, meditations, private space and opening the third eye will occur on Saturday afternoon.


Depends. Sunday usually approximately 3pm

Enlightening, insightful and mystical. There was a great balance of personal and group time. The four hours of silence was fantastic. I can close my eyes and put myself back at the retreat at any time and gain strength, peace and calmness. Experience for yourself a most amazing time- a truly magical and fulfilling weekend. A life changing experience.


Wildwood retreat is situated at the foot of the Otway Ranges, hidden in 20 hectares of rainforest. Wildwood is approx. 40 minutes from Geelong and 30 minutes from Colac. Bunk style accommodation. We have the entire retreat to ourselves. For more information visit

If you choose to attend any of the retreats, it is on the understanding that Wayne ’s truth is not yours. You are free to construct your own reality and your own truths. In past lives you have probably surrendered to a master or a religion. This made your spiritual life much easier because you did not have to decide which is truth and which is not. All you did was follow the master’s/priests/monks instructions and teachings. More and more you are willing in this lifetime to venture into the unknown, to search for the way to your spirit, your truth and with the guidance you choose. That is part of the reason, at a soul level, that you chose this society to reincarnate in.

You are spirit, you cannot try to be spirit. At your highest level, your current life circumstances are serving you to gain valuable life experiences. This can be one of them.

You are given constant, ongoing guidance in order to receive new life experiences—to raise your consciousness. Wayne is only one of these elements.

Wayne is usually able to personally spend time with each participant, intuitively assisting in an area of concern/development/empowerment for that person.


Phone 0417470390 or email for all details.

Please note you are responsible for catering for all your own meals. There is a large walk in fridge and commercial cooking facilities available.

2019 DATES

May 3(from 6pm), 4 and 5(til 3pm)

Nov 15 (from 6pm), 16 and 17 (til 3pm)

Your retreat gave me the opportunity to release a major behavioral pattern I no longer needed to own. I needed this space, with these people, guided by you, to do this work. I am more understanding now of who I am. I have released old baggage from my shoulders and old doubt and fear. It was perfect.

Life changing moments. My heart was opened. It was the first time in my life that I had so much fun. I now am a more open and compassionate person. If you want to experience unconditional love, then this is the place.

A relaxing and inspiring atmosphere. I felt totally comfortable. I appreciated the time and space to reconnect with myself. Fantastic guidance. I will definitively return in the future.

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