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Wayne can use a variety of different but complimentary therapy approaches to assist you, once he has assisted you to identify what you want to explore. The table of common problems below may assist you in identifying your issue or may it be something that you cannot describe! It is common for someone to say “I just do not know what the problem is but I hope you can help me.” Wayne’s work is not about waving a magic wand. It is to involve you in the process of healing or finding answers.


Hypnotherapy takes into account that sometimes it’s like a part of you wants to do something but another part of you gets in the way or keeps on doing what you do not want to do any more. This “other “ part is often out of reach of your conscious, thinking mind that you are using right now to read this. It is called the sub-concious mind and is below the surface of where you can usually get to. Hypnotherapy can get to the subconcious, underlying cause and to deal with any unwanted symptoms.

Hypnotherapy begins to create in your life what is right for you so that the subconcious does not keep producing negative emotions (like shame, grief, anger, sadness, dissapointment,fear, guilt or hurt) and those negative beliefs that limit your life are replaced by much more positive and powerful ones about your life, self or situation.


Wayne utilises many psychological approaches, again depending on your specific requirements. All relates back to which level of consciousness you are “stuck” at, and how to lift you out of that into a higher way of living one or more aspects of your life.


Wayne has 15 years experience and training in energy modalities. He has spent thousands of hours preparing his energy body for it to be able to contribute significantly to the unfolding of the session. An intense Qi Gong practise means that you, the client, get to benefit from Wayne’s development so that many insights arrive spontaneously to you rather than just therapist theory.

What would happen if therapy assisted your negative emotions and beliefs to start to disappear?….You start to have a new perception of your life…a new way of looking at the world or yourself….More self empowered….More calm, relaxed….Who could you really be….

You cannot change WHAT happened to you but you CAN change the interpretation/ story/ feelings that you have ABOUT what happened!!

Wayne Linton was recommended to me when I was in real trouble. My singing career was just starting to gain momentum, and I was getting so nervous that I could no longer stand on a stage in front of people, without wanting to be sick. My nerves were shot, and I was seriously thinking about giving up music altogether. To be honest I wasn’t a believer in Hypnotherapy, but after my first visit I was convinced in Wayne and his ability.

Wayne got to the bottom of my fear and stress, and within 3 visits, I was a changed man. I no longer get nervous at any performance, and Wayne has taught some amazing mind exercises to stop any stress or anxiety from building up. Thankyou so much Wayne … without your help I really believe that I wouldn’t be able to perform today, and do what I love for a living!

You are a result of all your life’s experiences. How we see things and how we react or respond to what happens around us, depends on our learnt patterns, behaviours and beliefs. Many of these come from our early years but are still wired into our personality. Consider for a moment if you experienced any of these as a child.

  • not being powerful or assertive
  • not being able to assert your opinion or express your emotions of anger or sadness etc
  • easily manipulated
  • taught to fear or worry
  • compared ourselves to others in an unfavourable way
  • been misunderstood by parents, teachers or friends
  • been given inappropriate, out-of-date or even disastrous belief systems
  • had condemning authority figures
  • many more failures than wins
  • lived other people’s expectations rather than your own life
  • made to feel shame, guilt, fear, jealousy, hatred, unloved or unwanted

Any of these CAN and DO continue to play out in our lives into adulthood. And these are only a few experiences that therapy can address!

Some of the problems Wayne deals with in hypnotherapy are:
Stopping smokingDepressionWeight gainWeight loss (anorexia)
Panic attacksStutteringRelationship problemsPost-natal depression
Post traumatic stressUnwanted habitsAnxiety tensionPain control
Stress symptonsNail bitingSelf confidenceObsessive compulsive
Past abuse / traumasTension headachesStudy habitsBedwetting
Exam nervesForgetting / AmnesiaShynessAdjustment problems
Performance anxietySexual problemsExcessive fearsAddictions of any type
Excessive worryReaching your goalsNegative voicesGambling
Certain types of athsmaGriefImpotence / frigidityReaching your potential
NegativityDealing with ongoing or terminal illnessGastro-intestinal disordersEmotional disorders
Sleep problems / disordersLow self esteemSports performanceSome skin disorders
Low motivationNightmaresChronic fatigueMigraines

I have had many previous attempts to stop smoking. I was skeptical of hypnotherapy but with Wayne’s help I have managed to break a long term addiction to nicotine. The hardest past is deciding to start. I recommend Wayne’s therapy to anyone wishing to change their life.

Were you allowed to make mistakes and taught that this was the best way for you to learn about who you are? (This leads to independence, self reliance and high self esteem.) It may be time to take a good look at what is REALLY not allowing you to progress in life. Drugs, either illegal or prescribed, are an attempt to push any emotional pain away. But that does not get to the underlying pain or problem. This is where hypnotherapy is so valuable.

Without the appropriate professional assistance that Hypnotherapy with Wayne provides, you can go from relationship to relationship, workplace to workplace and so on, repeating the same old patterns, changing from one form of addiction to another or just not getting the joy out of life that we know is possible.

I am 57 year old businessman who has suffered from anxiety my whole adult life. I have tried many approaches including medications and various psychologists with limited success. I heard of a success story with Wayne on a TV programme and decided to travel from my Northern NSW home to Geelong in an attempt to gain relief.

It has been 3 months now since I saw Wayne and my anxiety has subsided markedly and there are NO MORE PANIC ATTACKS!!

Until a person can experience something different from how they have always lived, they can never know or really understand that life does not have to be lived as they are living it. Telling a person there is another way can inflame the situation; make them feel even more hopeless. No amount of books or intellectual knowledge, no guru and no magic drug can actually get to the root of the problem. Hypnotherapy can and there is usually a very noticeable difference from the very first session.

I am not looking for the symptoms to just disappear or to be pushed further down. I want to assist a person to personal empowerment, to having choice, to letting go of the old unwanted habits or patterns and to create a life they were meant to or want to live.

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