Uncovering unknown sadness

Donna ( not her real name) had been seeing me often and frequently had tears of sadness but would almost immediately laugh as another higher consciousness archetype could see another “take”or perspective other than the sad archetype was experiencing. It became apparent that the charge of the sadness was not ever being fully discharged although she could recontextualise almost any incident that was reviewed or triggered. So I suggested it was time to go in deep to find any past sadness that had charge and when the laughing occurred to accept that there is a higher way of interpreting g the drama but to let go of the laughter and empty the sadness.
It took Donna at least 6 times to hear the laughter arise and not go with it, but to stay with the sadness . 
She also said there was a hesitation with an inner voice saying “we’ve done sadness to death” but another part was prepared to search and bring awareness to anything remaining. 

Donna went back over her life scanning for any sadness. There was a pervading sadness that her life had not been experienced as she had planned when she was young. 
Sadness that her mother had never touched her as a child. 
Sadness that her career life had been diverted by circumstance. 

Sadness that Donna felt such powerlessness and ‘unconsciousness‘ in the first few decades of her life where life appeared to ‘just happen’, leaving her feeling ineffective.

Then, as she scanned deeper and deeper, Donna began to feel the sadness of others that she had made energetic connections to along the way. “An intense sadness  was there inside me that I had collected from the mothers in a nursing home for ‘unmarried women’. I was 7 yrs old when my family went to this home to collect the 6 week old baby to be my adopted sister. Here now in the session the immense sadness inside these young women who were surrendering  their babies came pouring out of me in release.” she later said.
The scanning continued and incident after incident appeared where sadness had hidden inside of me, outside of my conscious awareness. And the collection of sadness from others kept pouring out even to most recent times of feeling and collecting the sadness inside her grandchildren. Release, release, releasing the accumulated charge. 
With the outpouring and catharsis of such a ‘well’ of sadness, by the end of the session more inner space had cleared or opened up. Donna left feeling a lot lighter wondering what life will be like without all that sadness charge.